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Your Girl is Getting into Shows!

It's been a while since I have written a blog post (also don't want to spam folks). I've had an intense few months in the art world (and also the public health world, butttt I will open up about that later) and it has just been wonderful but, also so, so scary.

In May, I was given the opportunity to show my embroidery pieces and prints in a show called With these Hands. It was curated by the amazing Natassha Chambliss at the Future Gallery in Atlanta, Ga. I was able to give an artist talk so that people can finally see my passion for what I do.

I got into Big Ink in Westport, MA at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery! So I spent around a month carving away to get my biggest piece ever completed. It is a whopping 40x60 inch piece!!! What an adventure that was to drive all the way there! I am so grateful for my family to come support me in this accomplishment. By the way, these pieces are all for sale! She is a Fighter is an edition of 4. I learned so much from this experience and met so many amazing and talented artist, that I am forever grateful for the experience.

In a week, I will be my first show in NYC! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I am in a show in NYC, all this work is paying off. The show will be at the Chelsea Market and called the Melting Pot! Open from June 12th-July 12th, opening reception is June 17th from 7-9pm, so mark your calendars! I have 2 Giclee prints in this show, and it's only an edition of 1 at the size of 18x24! I will also have 8x10 available too!

My story is just beginning y'all, this brown girl is comin' in hot.

Pics below from the shows I was in :)


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