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Creating, working, and trying to get known

To me, every artist dreams to be famous. I remember while in undergrad, my professors and friends would joke around and say, "if you aren't Instagram famous, it is nearly impossible to get known in society". Though I never took it seriously, I now know this is somewhat true. There are so many art trends, I honestly cannot keep up. Last year, I finally set up my art page on Instagram and Facebook, and it really is like having a full-time job. Constantly posting updates on work, creating new work, and hoping that someone will want to buy your work or commission you to make work. So, I created this website, I had been pushing this off for years now. Any recommendations and critiques are much appreciated by the way.

Currently, I am a Research Administrator for Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett, and I absolutely love it. It’s my first job since graduating with my Masters degree in Public Health. However, it takes away from me posting new work, and I come home with my latest ideas, but I am just too exhausted to work on anything new. I want to be able to juggle all of this; art is my first love, and I want more people to come on to my page and say, hey, this artist has something different to offer, let’s get her known. Who knows, maybe I can become Instagram famous, a girl can always dream 😊

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