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Artist Statement

As a first-gen Indian-American, my art explores intersectionality & finding balance in my identities. Growing up, I struggled to adhere to Indian cultural standards while wanting to embrace Western ideals. This led me to study art & science, reconciling these worlds.

I challenge restrictive Indian norms in my art, embracing Western freedom. Figures in my work break norms with poses, hair, clothing, tattoos. Patterns symbolize unity, merging organic chemistry & henna designs. No beginning or end signifies blending cultures.

I use printmaking, illustration, embroidery, blending techniques. Like my perspective as a first-gen American, I seek diverse perspectives through art forms. My work inspires embracing identities & finding harmony in cultural backgrounds. It sparks dialogue about intersectional identities & promotes acceptance & empowerment.

Ultimately, my art embodies both/and, navigating identity complexities. By challenging norms, using symbolism, & sharing personal experiences, I foster understanding & inspire embracing unique identities.

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